Peace & Conflict

How will development policy change in the “polycrisis”?

The “polycrisis” triggered by COVID-19 is a turning point. This polycrisis presents itself as a global health crisis, but it is overlaid with challenges that already existed before COVID-19. These include increasing global inequalities, migration issues, increasing social struggles, primacy

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Zehn Lektionen aus der Coronakrise

Zeiten der Krise sind Momente des Lernens. Damit sind sie zugleich Zeiten der politischen Auseinandersetzung: Welche Bedeutung haben die Ereignisse? Welche Maßnahmen haben sich bewährt? Wie soll es nach der Krise weitergehen? Welches Verhalten müssen wir ändern?

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Salon Shabka was Online!

Shabka hosted its first webinar on Wednesday, 13th of May 2020, titled “From Civilian Power to Defence Union. Do we need to rethink peace policy in the EU?”. The debate was opened by Marie-Curie doctoral fellow Johann Wolfschwenger. He gave

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