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The Strategy Factory provides tools for future-oriented monitoring of relevant developments in the relevant areas and develops skills in strategic advice and thinking by using techniques such as an overview of trends and related socio-political and economic options.

It equips young talents interested in policy making with the necessary skills to translate research into policy. It enables them to make a real difference and kick-start their careers in strategic and operational political sectors. Collaboratively it enhances knowledge of how to create meaningful policy recommendations on the strategic level and apply a operational toolkit on the ground.

Treffen des FSH-Projektteams in Wien. Bild: Thomas König, Shabka, CC BY-NC-ND 4.0.

The Strategy Factory is comprehensive, knowledge based and action-oriented.
It is hands-on policy making.

Making a full circle


The aim of the Strategy Factory is to train junior professionals in policy-making and strategic thinking. In doing so, it makes a full circle: while encompassing strategic and operational aspects it offers junior professionals skill sets, instruments and an insight into conventions relevant to policy making. Together with experienced experts, state-of-the-art research is being translated into case study policy recommendations.


By focusing on the wider aspects of international politics, the workshop dwelves into the realm of security, foreign and development policy as well as taking into account humanitarian aspects and a perspectives from international crisis and conflict management.
Selected case studies of today’s pressing challenges are being tackled with creative ideas, experienced insights and methodical approaches.

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The Strategy Factory 4

Women – Peace – Participation: Voices of Resolution 1325

20 years ago, on 31 October 2000, Resolution 1325 was adopted by the UN Security Council under the slogan of ‘Women – Peace – Security’. In the Resolution, the Security Council acknowledges the disproportionate impact that conflict has on women and stresses the crucial role women play at all levels of conflict resolution and prevention. At the same time it urges all Member States to integrate the idea of gender equality as well as measures regarding gender-specific issues into their

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The Strategy Factory 5

Salon Shabka | European Security and Defence: A story of progressing integration and the Space Race 2.0

On 9th October 2020 we had the chance to talk with Sofia-Maria Satanakis and Christoph Schwarz from the Austrian Institute for European and Security Policy (AIES) about the latest developments in the Common Security and Defence Policy of the EU (CSDP) and linkages to recent actions of states in space. In the last years the space has become an essential key policy area including security, economic development, mobility and environmental issues. This also means that we can see an increasing

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The Strategy Factory 6

Shabka at the 2020 Vienna Peace and Security Talks

On the 29th of September Shabka was invited to participate at the 2020 Vienna Peace and Security Talks. The conference was organized by the Karl Renner Institute in cooperation with the FES Regional Office for Cooperation and Peace in Europe, the International Institute for Peace and the Research Centre for Eurasian Studies at the University of Vienna. During the talks, the subject of different aspects of EU’s role in Eastern and South-Eastern Europe were discussed in a webinar titled “EU’s

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The Strategy Factory 9

9 October 2020 | Salon Shabka: European Security and Defence: A story of progressing integration and the Space Race 2.0

Out of all the areas of European integration, security and defence policy has for a long time been the most neglected and challenging domain for enhanced cooperation on the EU level. This comes at little surprise, considering that security and defence represent some of the most critical and important spheres of responsibility of the sovereign nation state. Nevertheless, fuelled by drastic changes in the international system and a growing desire for strategic autonomy, EU member states have over the past

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The Strategy Factory 8

Legalism and creativity in peacemaking

The European Union has long emphasized international law when engagingin peace processes. Without a doubt, international law is a critical means in shaping internationalrelations and global community. But is it the most suitable one to settle conflict?

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The Strategy Factory 12

Shabka zu Gast bei “Moment Mal”

Anfang August nahm Michael Zinkanell an einem KroneTV Interview teil und sprach über die sicherheitspolitischen Herausforderungen von Desinformation. Gemeinsam mit Christoph Bilban vom Institut für Friedenssicherung und Konfliktmanagement der Landesverteidigungsakademie diskutierte Michael Zinkanell im „Moment Mal“ Format moderiert von Damita Pressl Fragen zu gezielten Desinformationskampagnen und polarisierenden Fake News. Das Gespräch bezog sich auf aktuelle internationale Ereignisse sowie neuartige Bedrohungen durch die Digitalisierung. In diesem Zusammenhang wird Desinformation oftmals als effektives Mittel zur Täuschung und Manipulation verwendet. Michael Zinkanell bestätigte

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