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Syrian Futures


Syrian Futures is an experiment that integrates civil society’s voices in a multi-stakeholder scenario analysis that produces policy recommendations for a future EU foreign engagement with post-conflict Syria. In doing so, it challenges traditional policy making with a much needed and refreshing approach that gives voice to perspectives that have remained unheard.

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Future Strategists Hub

The Future Strategists Hub equips young talents interested in policy making with the necessary skills to translate research into policy. The aim is to enable them to make a real difference and kick-start their careers.

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CPD Policy Blog

The CPD Policy Blog is set up as a joint project between Shabka, the University of Graz, and the Austrian Conflict, Peace, and Democracy Cluster. It creates a bridge between peace research and politics. The project aims at connecting the dots between academia and policy.

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Salon Shabka

opens a space for political and societal discussion. It’s a space off the beaten track of hectic and hurried public discourses that favor dominant mainstream arguments. Instead, the Salon is intense. It’s controversial. Sophisticated. Deliberative. Salon Shabka offers you a detailed and critical context to the complexity of what is happening around us.