Other Projects

Conference: Creating Change 2013

As part of the 2013 conference „Creating Change - Our Approaches to Peaceful Communities“ in Malta, Shabka ran a workshop on migration and journalism titled “A journey to the walls of Europe” that reflected on migration movements in the Mediterranean region. Shabka also acted as the conference's official media partner.

Book Project: Revolution as a Process

In 2013-14 Shabka facilitated Adham Hamed‘s book project titled „Revolution as a Process - The Case of the Egyptian Uprising“. It made an important contribution to debates about the Arab Spring by bringing together theory and practice. As part of this Shabka co-organised a cross-reading conference in Cairo, participated in the editing process, and produced a series of video clips.

Shabka Exchange

Shabka Exchange is where Shabka members are brought together and new ideas are being developed. It’s also where we put our current projects to the test and exchange views. The Exchange is at the center of our idea of a global network as it offers the opportunity to think, talk and learn. And there is a lot that we can learn from each other.