Development & Sustainability

Farming in the Tropics – Part 1

If one has never experienced the livelihood systems on the countryside in developing countries, it is hardly conceivable how rough living conditions are and what kind of problems people are facing. The following pictures should give a brief impression, how

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Changes in funding of Austrian development NGOs

Ulrike Jaklin, Lukas Wank & Marion Wolfram Changes in funding of Austrian development NGOs Shabka Background Nr. 4-2013 Due to considerable changes in the development sector in the beginning of the 1990s, the framework conditions for the non-governmental organizations (NGOs)

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Über die Planbarkeit von Entwicklungsprojekten

Colonialism and science together combined the dictates of piety and patriotism. As science advanced, so did the ‘civilizing mission’, in which ‘mother countries’ became children of the same processes to which they gave birth. Roy MacLeod Diese Reflexion eröffnet die

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