Shabka Annual Report 2019 published

2019 was a year of contrasts. While the world is caught between challenging dynamics and confusion, for us the year was marked by further consolidation and professionalization. Above all, the past year was a story of growth and success. Our team and the Shabka network have continued to expand. More and more young professionals are getting involved in our formats and through their knowledge, commitment, and creativity they make strategic thinking into what Shabka wants it to be: innovative and independent.

Hence, we proudly present you the 2019 Shabka Annual Report – fresh from the press. In it you’ll find a snapshot of what the Shabka Team – an inspiring group of people – has produced in 2019.

What the world will bring in the coming year is difficult to predict – but what it will bring for us is clear: we will continue to follow our path consistently. Planning the Future Strategists Hub 2020 has already started in late 2019. Simultaneous we have been busy integrating innovations into our Syrian Futures project while the Salon Shabka is being elevated to a regular and more interactive outreach format under new leadership.

For us and our understanding of strategy the year 2020 can come, we are ready: Agile & Innovative.

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