Shabka at the Tipping Point Talks 2019 with Felwine Sarr

On 27 November 2019 Shabka participated at the 2019s Tipping Point Talks in Viennas Odean Theater. Curated by Verena Ringler, the Tipping Point talks convened a range of leading personalities from the worlds of civil society, politics and banking, including Erste Bank’s CEO Andreas Treichl, Marietje Schaake, Francis Fukuyama, Timothy Snyder and Felwine Sarr

In afternoon Think Camp participants had the oportunity to discuss how we can realise a holistic concept of prosperity for all today? What will be private and what will be public goods, services, institutions but also responsibilities? How can we lead the profound transformations ahead of us – on climate, technology and on living together – and get those transformations right? Who will forge new alliances of responsibility? More on the Tipping Points 2019 Talks Website.

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