Workshop “From Vision to Action in Security Policy making”

The recent developments in European Union Security Policy, its influences as well as a critical reflection about it were the main topics presented by Lukas Wank from Shabka at the World Youth Academy’s International Security Policy Summit in Vienna from 30 May to 01 June 2018 as part of the workshop “From vision to action in security policy making”. After the comprehensive presentation the summits international participants were able to interactively apply European policy and strategy provisions in a Case Study which focused on Jordan. In order to identify areas of engagement for European security actors in the Middle Eastern country they applied Shabka’s Policy to Program Cheat Sheet”.

The workshop aimed at enabling critical thinking in today’s policy-making while highlighting the difficulties that come with it. The International Security Policy Summit itself is a format particularly designed for a small group of young professionals with the aim of providing them an immersive and comprehensive introduction to the mechanisms, challenges, and strategies of the most influential international organizations.

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