04 May 2018 – Salon Shabka: Power vs limitations

04 May 2018 - Salon Shabka: Power vs limitations 1

  • Are the western states powerful enough to make sure events in the Middle East are happening according to their interest?
  • Or are they lost in their own limitations and unable to achieve what they actually want?
  • And what role do ethics play in these relations?

This are questions to be discussed in our next Salon on the topic: “Power vs Limitations: What is the Western Role in the Middle East?”. The Salon will be moderated by Michael Mayerhofer who has been reflecting on these questions personally as well as in his work for different development projects funded by western states in the Middle East. On that basis he has recently put some of his thoughts into an article that got published in the Shabka Journal.In the Salon he will present the main ideas of the article and then open up a discussion on the general question of western influence in the Middle East.


04. May 2018


Tripoli, Lebanon



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