Mural-Ist Festival in Kadiköy

From June 12th to 30th, 2013 The Mural-Istanbul Festival has been taking place in Kadiköy/Istanbul. The event was dedicated to streetart that has been established as a form of cultural political expression besides more common forms of visualising public opinion like photography or graphic design. The aim of the festival that took place for the second time was to make art on the streets of the city visible to contrast billboard advertisements.

It can be observed that the purpose of streetart seems to be altering though: Although streetart claims to be a form of civic resistance – especially among the youth – today it seems to be incorporated into mainstream arts. However, streetart is still ought to place a message in a broader public space. One remarkable aspect of the festival is its international orientation which connects different artists, experiences, and opinions and creates something new in Istanbul itself. A prominent example is the Chilean artist INTI who has completed various works for the festival in Istanbul.

Shabka has compiled a few of the works that can be seen around Istanbuls populous and cosmopolitan Kadiköy district.

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