Shabka in Malta: Media partners of CreatingChange2013 conference

What is ‘real’ social change? How can the Mediterranean become (again) a region of fruitful exchange and cooperation? About 40 young people from around Europe and the Mediterranean meet from October 20th – 27th 2013 in the youth exchange under the title Creating Change – Our Approaches to Peaceful Communities to explore these question and more.

The exchange took place on Malta is chance to encounter ‘the other’, transform oneself and build a culture of peace and to communicate the story of this journey. It served as starting point for enhanced exchange and cooperation across the Mediterranean Sea in the areas of youth volunteering, human rights, social media activism…

The exchange was funded by the European Commission’s Youth In Action Programme and supported by Euro-Mediterranean Youth Platform. It was organized by the young Ambassadors of the UPF in Europe (Youth UPF) and UPF Malta, in partnership with local partners and Shabka as media partners.