Peace Starts with a Smile

Trying to stay peaceful is a difficult thing to do
Especially when there is friction between me and you
To keep calm and loving when all things between us go wrong
Takes a personality that is very, very strong

At the moment relations between us might go awry
And our tempers soar right up to reach the sky
We are confused about everything and shoot around
And our sanity does not seem to touch the ground

These are the times that we wish would go by
These days when we just would cry
The quicker this drama is over and done
The sooner we will smile again and have some fun

But these are the days where we need to be firm
These are the days from which we can learn
This is the time to learn to quiet the mind
The time to learn to be gentle and kind

These are the days we can learn understanding
And realize that life for everyone is demanding
That we are not the only ones living in our native region
And understand that we all have to live in social cohesion

So take each day to think of your neighbour
And realize that they too live in God’s favour
And remember to smile no matter what your day
For a smile and a good gesture goes a long way

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