Shabka-Workshop on Migration and Journalism in Malta

On the occasion of Creating Change 2013 that took place in Malta from October, 20th to 27th 2013, three Shabka members organised a workshop on migration and journalism as part of the open space technology that ought to lead the participants from theoretical inputs to actual actions.

As part of the “open space”, the Shabka-Team held a workshop on migration in the Mediterranean region to complement the series “A journey to the walls of Europe” that reflects on migration in the Mediterranean region and racism.

Altogether the workshop brought together 17 participants from Austria, Egypt, Finland, Germany, Israel, Italy, Malta, Nigeria, Palestine, South Sudan, Tunisia and the United Kingdom. The participants split up in seven teams and spread out all over Malta to get in contact with refugees and immigrants in order to interview them. The interviews and stories focused on the key issues narratives, identity, hard facts, symbolism, racism, exploitation, gender, North Africa, Syrians in Malta, and Palestinian migration in the Mediterranean.

The results of the workshop will be published on Shabka and Creating Change 2013 in the weeks ahead.