Crisis Management on Demand

Verena Ringler and Think & Do Tank Shabka launch the "Situation Room" format

  • The virtual "Situation Room" offers orientation in the current poly-crisis
  • Ad hoc expert teams from all over Europe stand ready for companies and institutions
  • A toolkit of traditional and innovative methods
  • Focused 100 to 200 minute sessions available immediately

Disruptions like Covid-19 challenge organizations regardless if they are large or small, public or private, social or civic. Within hours, we have had to say farewell to our annual plans, well-established routines and processes, and organizational goals.

Leaders are asking themselves: How can we tackle this crisis? What are our new priorities? How do we distinguish between short-term and long-term goals? How do we develop a plan? How do we decide on what to finish up in the coming period in our organizations, networks, and institutions, and what can we discontinue?

For tailor-made support and strategic foresight in this situation, the geopolitical Think & Do Tank Shabka under the leadership of Lukas Wank is teaming up with the renowned strategy expert Verena Ringler. For years, both have applied and refined hands-on solutions in politics, business, and civil society domestically in Austria and in international hot spots. Supported by FUTURE-Coach Wolfgang Steger, they offer on-demand crisis management via telephone and video conference.

The Situation Room

  • mobilizes an international, multidisciplinary network of leaders and experts running the gamut from crisis management all the way to transformation- and innovation management.
  • pools the very expertise you now need in foreign, security, and social policy.
  • provides a well-tested toolkit of traditional and innovative formats and approaches, from kitchen cabinet formats all the way to large open formats.

In sessions lasting from 100 to 200 minutes, we focus on the current issues at hand and the environment you are in now as well as in the future. We do this with clarity, calmness, and confidence.

Who are the Situation Room founders and hosts Verena Ringler and Lukas Wank?

Crisis Management on Demand 1

Verena Ringler

Strategy expert and the director of European Commons. She is an alumnae of the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies. She develops and implements methods of crisis management and future diplomacy.

Crisis Management on Demand 2

Lukas Wank

Founder and Co-Director of the Vienna-based strategic Think & Do Tank Shabka. He is well versed in civil and military affairs, as well as in building-up and managing of ad-hoc analysis centres. He also advises decision makers.


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“To have nothing to carry,” answered the old man.

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